Renew Technologies is a Specialized Distributor of VRLA Batteries offering Total Power Solutions for the Power Industry. Our products cover a complete range of VRLA Battery, Power System and Battery Management System with Smart Chargers and different rack & cabinet configurations.

We offer engineering services which include consultation, installation, commissioning, maintenance and other related services.

Power Industry Segments

UPS Power Backup

Cabinets Design Power Solutions

Industrial Power Backup

Racks Design Power Solutions

Telecom Power Backup

Indoor/Outdoor Applications Solutions

Total Power Solutions

Site Installation

We offer total package solutions. From battery calculations, cabinet or rack design, cable assemblies to complete site installation.  

Customizable Racks & Cabinet Designs

We offer custom design racks or cabinets to suit the room size availability. 

Battery Maintenance

We organize and arrange contractual Maintenance. Others include Monthly, Quarterly & Periodic Maintenance.

Cables and Accessories

For complete assembly, we supply various sizes of cables, different type of connectors complete with insulations.

Discharge Load Test

We conduct discharge load test for acceptance requirement as well as compliance requirement based on customers' need for approvals.

Logistics and Warehousing

We have the facilities to provide warehousing and logistic requirements. Please contact us for more details. 

Our Partners & Customers

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